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Nasal & Sinus Tumors

Several benign and malignant tumors may occur in the nose and sinuses. Benign tumors include osteomas, fibromas, juvenille angiofibromas, hemangiomas, cholesterol granulomas, and most inverting papillomas including others. Some malignant tumors include esthesioneuroblastomas, melanomas, adenocarcinomas, and chondrosarcomas among others. Traditionally, many of these tumors required external approaches using facial or cranial incisions. Now, many of these tumors can be removed completely through the nose. Some tumors require open craniofacial approaches in collaboration with head and neck surgeons and/or neurosurgeons. All malignant tumors are managed in a multidisciplinary fashion which includes surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, opthalmologists, and nutritionists.

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